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Introducing MilliTalk 6.0 - Available NOW in the Apple App Store today, 6.0 is our best version of MilliTalk to date now with HD call audio. Highlighted with a freshly designed user interface!

Use your MilliTalk number to call or message your friends even if they don't have MilliTalk. You can also use the same MilliTalk account and number on all your iPhones, iPads and iPod touches so you can stay connected on the go.

About Us

Connecting People Everywhere

  • Leading the way in providing 21st century communication services, MilliTalk is the first iPhone application for the telecommunications company Millicorp. Our telephone technology provides feature-rich calling services to customers in countries all around the world.

  • Incorporating the latest server technologies, we support our products with a robust network of secure server farms owned and managed by Millicorp. Along with a live sales and support team, Millicorp provides unmatched customer support for users of all our products.

  • Too often today consumers purchase products and services from resellers, usually at a greater cost and substandard support. All of the products and services provided by Millicorp are developed by our seasoned in house development staff. With over 60 years of combined programming and application development experience, our development team takes pride in creating products for our clients that are designed, developed and maintained internally.


Your Own Number

Whether you want a second number for personal or business use, MilliTalk gives you the option to choose your own telephone number from any city, state or area code.

Multi-device Ready

Calls to your MilliTalk account will ring all of your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch) at the same time, enabling you to always stay connected. You'll never miss a call again!

In-App Purchasing

When you are ready to upgrade your plan or buy credit, it's simple. Select the plan or amount of credit you'd like to purchase and the payment will be made with your Apple iTunes account.

Free Support

MilliTalk is located in Florida and so is the support team. The support team is waiting to take your call and answer your questions and there is never a cost for help. Our websites are also full of informative information on how to better use your new MilliTalk account.

Online Portal

Free for all MilliTalk users, the MilliTalk website lets you manage your account details, see your monthly usage and even download your voicemail.

Fast Sign-Up

It's fast and it's easy. Simply download MilliTalk from the Apple App Store, create an account, and begin talking. It's really that easy. To add a second device to your account, open MilliTalk on another device and sign in with the same account information.


You can now send text messages to any U.S. phone number and as always, messaging to other MilliTalk users is FREE!

Industry Low Calling Rates

MilliTalk is a product of Millicorp. One of Millicorp's other products is MilliVox, our large wholesale division, which allows us to provide you with the lowest rates in the industry.

MilliTalk to MilliTalk is FREE

As always, all MilliTalk to MilliTalk calls and messages are completely FREE. So use the 'Tell a Friend' feature and have everyone you know sign up for MilliTalk!

How it Works


Download Millitalk

Download MilliTalk for free from the App Store.


Install on your iPhone, iPad and/or iPod touch.

Create your account and use the same username and password when you install on another iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Log into the MilliTalk website with the same username and password


Tell Your Friends

MilliTalk to MilliTalk is always Free, so use the "Tell A Friend" feature to let everyone know about your new MilliTalk account.



Talk anywhere and everywhere!

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Plans & Pricing

FREE Unlimited calling and messaging to MilliTalk users, You can sync your MilliTalk account to multiple devices and each will ring simultaneously, The lowest international rates available in the industry, It's easy to add credit or upgrade plans with In-App purchasing, Visual voicemail, and as always your choice of FREE support through a live representative or email!


$ 0
FREE Forever
  • Unlimited in network calling
  • Unlimited in network messaging
  • Phone Number
  • Out of network calling
  • Customer Support


$ 139 99
Billed Yearly
  • Unlimited in network calling
  • Unlimited in network messaging
  • Phone Number
  • Out of network calling
  • Customer Support
  • Truly amazing and effective app. I fly international for a major carrier and needed something intuitive and reliable. I got more! Whenever you have WiFi you have a clear connection back to the states. Unexpected bonus is that when someone either calls me or leaves message I receive an email providing heads up. As a global traveler, this is one of my favorite apps!

    Doing a pile on review months later... The Tech Support is flawless! Easy to reach a human and they genuinely care. I continue to be very impressed with this product. While some insist on "free@ I don't mind paying for a solid and intuitive product that always works. .

    Airline Pilot, CEO High Tech Company Retired Navy Admiral
  • This app is the only one of its type that actually delivers on what it claims to do. I have searched for and tested countless apps for WiFi based calls and text until i happily stumbled across this. It operates like a fully feature phone providing you with you own number which you can use to text or call anybody (not just other users). It even includes a voicemail feature. Great job to the developers on putting this together!!!

  • I run back and forth from the city to the mountains on a daily basis so my bandwidth varies drastically. The MilliTalk app is consistent under these conditions allowing for excellent reliability for communication needs. The iPad version makes a great display for the visual feedback in the message area. The ability to test this before a service account purchases makes it well worth the download. I highly recommend this product as it is excellent in Low Bandwidth COnditions!

  • This is as good as an app gets. I dropped my landline and went cellular but missed having a backup phone. This is an elegant solution. Combined with WiFi or my Verizon mobile hot spot my iPod/iPad are now 4G phones! Extra minutes that roll over can be purchased right from the app, and the calls are clear as my cell. Simply Great!


Contact Us

Please ask! We are here to help. Our knowledgeable MilliTalk staff is available for service and support seven days a week. If you prefer email, we will be happy to assist you with a timely response. From understanding the benefits of our product to adding additional services, help is just a click or call away!

Millicorp Headquarter
  • 4415 Metro Pkwy Suite 325
    Fort Myers, FL 33916
  • Phone: 855-MilliTalk
Workshop & Store
  • Monday - Friday 8:00am
    until 10:00pm
  • MilliTalk live support is closed on major US holidays

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