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Is Siri Coming To The iPad Soon?

Posted on 06-05-2012

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We've all seen the Apple Siri commercials, but many wonder why Siri wasn't added to the new iPad. Here is a story from David Morgenstern explaining why Siri was left off the new device and when it might be coming to the iPad.

According to several reports, Apple in the fall will release the full Siri voice recognition agent technology in iOS 6. Current third-generation iPads support voice dictation but not the full Siri artificial-intelligence system introduced in the iPhone 4S.

In a 9to5 Mac article, Mark Gurman reports that the iPad version of Siri will support all functions except phone dialing capabilities.

With the iPad being a device that is larger than the iPhone, the product typically sits farther away from the user’s mouth. Because of this, some speculators of Siri for iPad have believed that the device’s microphone would be unable to properly hear, and therefore incorrectly interpret, command inputs. Sources, however, dismissed this as nonsense, and these sources say that commands input with same or similar accuracy to the iPhone 4S. iPad voice dictation appears to work well for third-generation iPad users.

Gurman says that the iPad 2 and iPad 3 have the processing power and hardware base to handle the voice agent technology. However, Apple is concerned about scaling the server-side capabilities and providing adequate performance to customers, so the Siri for iPad may be confined to a forthcoming fourth-generation model.

Access to Siri by third-party applications is also on the minds of developers in the weeks before the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). On the Tea for iPhone blog, developer Samuel Iglesias, cofounder of Made by Sail, discusses what a Siri API might look like. He says that obviously an API already exists which is used by Apple’s apps.

To read the rest of the story click here.

Do you use Siri? Do you find it helpful and do you think it will benefit iPad users? I've heard mixed reviews about the Siri. Some saying that it is an extremely intuitive helpful program, while others say it's inaccurate and often doesn't understand what you're saying. I guess that's why they are expanding their servers to help give consumers a better product.

Now if only Siri could open MilliTalk on your iPhone or iPad! That's an update I'd like to see.



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