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iPhone 5 & iPad mini likely launching Sept. 21

Posted on 07-30-2012


Are you iReady? Both the next generation iPhone and a new smaller version of the iPad are rumored to be announced during an official Apple event September 12, with a retail release to follow on September 21.

News of the possible release dates for the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini has been obtained by Apple blog iMore. The site has correctly predicted both the iPad 3 launch and iPhone 4S pre-order dates in the past.

The launch date of the next generation iPhone (iPhone 5 or New iPhone) would make sense because of the recently leaked photos of the iPhone 5, which VentureBeat previously reported. If the launch is just over a month away, it seems more likely that parts for the device could be obtained. If the launch dates are correct, it would mark 11 months since the company announced the iPhone 4S.

Many are speculating that Apple will release a 7.85-inch iPad that has basically the same specs as the third generation 10-inch iPad. The smaller iPad version would naturally compete with other popular 7-inch tablets, such as the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7.

The iMore sources also tell us that Apple maybe releasing a new version of iPod Touch, but didn’t give any specifications. Most think it will take on the new body size of the iPhone 5.

iPad mini concept photo via CiccareseDesign

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