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A More Streamlined MilliTalk Sign-up

Posted on 06-12-2012

Simple. Our engineers are constantly striving to make MilliTalk a simple telephone service. Most of the changes happen behind the scenes and make MilliTalk more powerful, but no one notices those. Today we are announcing a change new customers will notice that makes the sign-up process even more...simple.

When signing up for a new account you can now save a few steps by having our system automatically choose your MilliTalk phone number. Choosing a specific area code and phone number isn't important to some MilliTalkers, especially our international users. Having any US telephone number will save them handfuls of money no matter what number they have.

The sign-up process was less than 3 minutes before, now it can be even faster!

Faster, streamlined, simple--that's why MilliTalk is an industry leader in digital communication.

If you'd like to take MilliTalk for a test drive you can download it for free from the iTunes App Store.


Ryan - MilliTalk

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