MilliTalk is filled with features and you will start noticing the benefits from the very first call. MilliTalk turns your iPhone into a better phone and the iPad and iPod touch into a fully functioning phone. MilliTalk's Unlimited Plan not only gives you the ability to call or text anyone in the US or Canada, but it gives you the option of adding a second phone number to your iPhone. Naturally you'll experience 100% digital call quality whether you're making local, long distance or international calls with savings as much as 90% over any other company. Using MilliTalk makes it is easy to stay connected, whether over Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Your Own Number

Whether you want a second number for personal or business use, MilliTalk gives you the option to choose your own telephone number from any city, state or area code. The number you choose will be uniquely yours.

Multi-device Ready

Calls to your MilliTalk account will ring all of your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch) at the same time, enabling you to always stay connected. You'll never miss a call again!

In-App Purchasing

When you are ready to upgrade your plan or buy credit, it's simple. Select the plan or amount of credit you'd like to purchase and the payment will be made with your Apple iTunes account.

Free Support

MilliTalk is located in Florida and so is the support team. The support team is waiting to take your call and answer your questions and there is never a cost for help. Our websites are also full of informative information on how to better use your new MilliTalk account.

Online Portal

Free for all MilliTalk users, the MilliTalk website lets you manage your account details, see your monthly usage and even download your voicemail.

Fast Sign-Up

It's fast and it's easy. Simply download MilliTalk from the Apple App Store, create an account, and begin talking. It's really that easy.

To add a second device to your account, open MilliTalk on another device and sign in with the same account information.


You can now send text messages to any U.S. phone number and as always, messaging to other MilliTalk users is FREE!

Industry Low Calling Rates

MilliTalk is a product of Millicorp. One of Millicorp's other products is MilliVox, our large wholesale division, which allows us to provide you with the lowest rates in the industry.

MilliTalk to MilliTalk is FREE

As always, all MilliTalk to MilliTalk calls and messages are completely FREE. So use the 'Tell a Friend' feature and have everyone you know sign up for MilliTalk!